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Site Map [3/24/2011]
« on: March 25, 2011, 06:13:03 pm »
The Following is our 'Site Map'

Information :: Forum Information

This forum is based around the tutoring and better understanding of certain mathematics fields, if you understand your stuff and you really want to help out then please use our application process to apply to become part of our help team. Otherwise answer questions freely! Also, you may stay a while and discuss several topics with our staff and regular members along with our support team. Please do not hesitate to contact us in any way we will be here!

Site Map
  • Portal - This is a place where you may see recent news and statistics on the forum, you may also make a shout in our shoutbox! This is merely a place holder for members to see the most recent news and polls along with our affiliate lists. Just a placeholder!
  • Forum - This is the place that will get the most attention and where you may receive any sort of support along with discussions of any sort that you see fit! Just start a thread and get started!

Forum Board Descriptions
Site Category
  • Front Page News - This is where all front page news will be posted! You may REPLY here only! Only Moderators and Administrators can post here.
  • Recent Polls - This is where one poll a week will be posted for everyone to vote on either through the forum itself or through our homepage! You may also discuss this in our forum section here!
  • Forum Support - This is where you may receive all types of support given with the forum software or BBC coding and all that good stuff! Any questions of that nature may go here!

Mathematics Category
  • Arithmetic - This is a board where discussions or questions may be posted that have to do with just regular arithmetic. Discussions or Questions about this type of math may be answered here.
  • Pre - Algebra - This is a board where all of the questions and discussions that are pre-algebraic will go! You may ask any questions pertaining to pre-algebra.
  • Algebra - This is pretty much the same as all pre-algebra, just involoving Algebraic expressions, and all that good stuff, this includes any and all college level courses as well!
  • Geometry - This is a board that has to do with any geometric laws, theorems, etc. questions and discussions will go here.
  • Statistics - A board for college and elementary level statistics questions and discussions shall go. Please allow our staff helpers in THIS board, 24 hours to solve your problem seeing as these do take some time.
  • Pre-Calculus - This is a board that all pre-calculus questions and discussions will go! College level and Elementary level alike!
  • Calculus - Again, this is where all Calculus discussions and questions will go.

General Category
  • General Discussion - This is where anything non-math related will go. This is where you can relax and be pampered with discussions galore!
  • Newbies Welcome - This is where all new members may receive a welcome message! Just post something like "USERNAME HERE Checking in!"
  • Test Post - This is where you may post a TEST post to test out our software. POST COUNTS ARE NOT COUNTED HERE.

This has been updated [3/24/2011] please check back for more updates!
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