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in Pittsburgh.Unions in the state are so eager to elect a Democrat to the White House, he adds, that at last month's AFLCIO state convention, they withheld endorsements for some worthy local Republican candidates so as not to detract from the push for the national Democratic ticket.The union leaders' enthusiasm is evident. The Steelworkers plan to contact each of its members eight times from now until the election  not only in Pennsylvania, but nationwide. The
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 ederik van Zyl Slabbert, to reconvene Parliament.What was needed now was concrete action to bring unrest to an end, not more debate, Botha said. The turmoil in the townships was fully debated when Parliament was in session, especially after the presentation last month of the report of the Kannemeyer Commission into the shooting by police of 20 blacks at Langa on March 21, Botha added.``It is, and it remains, the responsibility of the government to ensure the
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 e Ross, chairman of the sociology department at the University of New Mexico, suggests that the increased use of police roadblocks to check for drunk drivers might also be an effective means to curb drunk driving.Holding that ''harsh penalties for those who are caught,'' such as mandatory jail sentences, are not the answer to the drunkdriving problem, he concludes that what is needed is better enforcement including ''swifter and more certain punishment.''He n
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 e USbased group Search for Common Ground and a Soviet newspaper. The group met once before, in January, in the Soviet Union.Because of the fear of exposing or endangering sources, sharing intelligence has been a major impediment to superpower cooperation on terrorism. Some US experts, though, believe the Soviets may now be ready to work together in some areas. Mr. Cline, for one, says Moscow ``has clearly made a policy decision'' that there is no longer a ben
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